Michelle Malkin And Dinesh D'Souza Stand Up For 'The Most Banned Women' Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer: The Most Banned Women In The World

If you follow this blog you know we've been talking about the blue check marks coming unglued over the fan novel 'The Switch' written by Julie Reichwein. You can catch up on that here https://www.lauraloomerfanclub.com/post/the-marxist-control-freaks-are-so-triggered

NOW GET THIS ONE twitter makes new special rule to keep Laura Loomer off of the platform.

Our friend Millennial Millie @Millie__Weaver (two underscores) posted a tweet about it.

Another friend Ben Bergquam @BBergquam also put out a post in support of Laura.

Then our friend Michelle Malkin quote tweeted Ben's tweet and pointed out we need Laura in DC as a voice for the voiceless. We shared this on our instagram