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The Marxist Control Freaks Are So Triggered

If you've been following the saga of the blue check marks finding the book #TheSwitch a novel by Julie Reichwein featuring Laura Loomer you might have seen just how triggered they are.

We are thinking this hilarity is just beginning.

And right on schedule Michael Edison Hayden of the Southern Poverty Law Center (not related to the genius obviously) decides he is obliged to help in the sales of the book.

The SPLC is nothing more than a hate group. Nothing to do with poverty or law. A complete sham.

Look at his background picture LMAO completely triggered.

Notice how Michael Edison (not the genius) Hayden says 'from the review copy' ...well you can not purchase a review copy and he wasn't given one. Big Fat Liar. But we already knew that.

Get the switch here

There is a reason the Looney Left is coming unhinged over this book; it is filled with fun and humor and truth. Three things these people know nothing about.

These people are missing out on one of the greatest times in our history. I have wondered if there is any hope for these lost evil people, I don't think so, short of some serious mental counseling. #TDS is real. (Trump Derangement Syndrome) BTW the medical code for #TDS is F-666.0 ;)

Here is the link to the first article we did about the Blue Check Marks finding the book.

Help us by sharing this out to all your platforms.

Thank you! #LOOMERED

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