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Blue Check Marks Discover 'The Switch' Novel Featuring Laura Loomer


It really is something else how much the Marxist jihadi control freaks hate and fear Laura Loomer.

Well that didn't take long. Check out some of the tweets we found from blue check marks.

This tweet from Andy Campbell @AndyBCampbell Senior Editor on @HuffPost's breaking desk. He's just one of the blue check marks all worked up by this book.

Note that in Andy's twitter bio "Reporting on crime, extremism, platforms.

Read his posts and you will see in two seconds that this guy supports Antifa. Need I say more. If you support Antifa you ARE Antifa. These people live in an alt - left wonderland.

Next we have Jared Holt (blue check mark) @jaredholt of @rightwingwatch selling the book for us!

Thank Jared on twitter for sharing the trailer! ;)

Jared Holt might have a crush on Laura Loomer.

He definitely got his pink undies in a bundle.

And more hate from @thetomzone 'notably satanic.' in his bio

Here is his love filled tweet helping promote our book.

Thank you blue check marks.

Get your copy of 'The Switch' right here on the Fan Club site!

This book is part of history.

Merry Christmas!

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