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Video: Wisconsin Special Counsel Calls for Decertification of Wisconsin 2020 Election Results

The Wisconsin legislature should consider decertifying the state’s 2020 presidential election results due to extensive evidence of lawbreaking by election officials, according to a bombshell report by Wisconsin Special Counsel and former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

Speaking during the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections informational hearing on Tuesday, Gableman said his 136-page report found that “Wisconsin election officials’ unlawful conduct in the 2020 Presidential election casts grave doubt on Wisconsin’s 2020 Presidential election certification.”

“Our recommendations are fairly predictable considering what we just covered…The elimination of WEC (Wisconsin Election Commission)…At this point, I believe the legislature ought to take a very hard look at the option of decertification of 2020 Wisconsin Presidential Election,” Gableman told the committee.

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