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Marc Elias, Lincoln Project and Former Hillary Clinton Lawyer, Says the Quiet Part Out Loud Highlighting President Trump’s Tough D.C. Jury Pool in Jack Smith’s J6 Case

Lincoln Project and Former Hillary Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias said the quiet part out loud, posting on X that President Trump has “a tough jury pool” if Jack Smith’s J6 case against Trump proceeds. Smith’s case is on hold as the United States Supreme Court is set to hear President Trump’s presidential immunity claim in April. SCOTUS will likely rule on Trump’s immunity claims in late May or early June. Unsurprisingly, the Lincoln Project has cheered on Jack Smith’s arrest of Trump and criticized SCOTUS’ decision to take up President Trump’s immunity case. Trump has long called for his trial to be moved out of Washington D.C.. Democrats suffering loss after loss to Trump in the courtroom has the Left determined to bring Trump’s J6 case to a biased D.C. jury pool before November’s election.

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