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Laura Loomer's Resilience Shines Again

Laura Loomer’s run for Congress has been tumultuous at best. At every turn the mainstream media has attempted to derail her grassroots campaign. Going into the election she had (unfairly) been banned from many platforms including: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, and Chase. While raising donations, Comcast turned against her and tried to stop donations from coming in. Two days before the election CBS called the race with Laura coming in with 2% of the vote.

On Sunday night, Aug. 16, at around 11:30 P.M CBS 12, the local news channel in West Palm Beach, posted the Primary Election results for the Republican Ticket on their website. This wasn’t a prediction, it was “the end results”! How is that possible? This was two days before the voters in the district cast their votes. It is Illegal to call the election before the actual election has started. Laura Loomer, according to CBS’s summation, only had 2% of the votes; which means, obviously, she had lost before there was an election. She posted a YouTube video explaining their false election results. She said, “This is voter fraud, it’s voter suppression, it’s illegal, and someone will be sued.”

You’ve heard President Donald J. Trump call media sources “Fake News” and here we have a prime example of the mainstream media attempting to mold fake narratives. There’s no other way of describing it; It’s voter suppression. This type of behavior, from a media source with an enormous audience, can influence voter turnout and change the outcome of our elections. Ms. Loomer contacted CBS and was informed that they were aware of the situation, but refused to take it down. This begs the question, will this set a precedent for future elections? Stations like CNN, MSNBC, and now local news CBS, have a clear political bias for one party over the other; that being Democrats over Republicans. This is an obvious form of sabotage. Big news media isn’t just influencing people on how to vote, it’s telling them there’s no reason to vote since they already declared a winner. Eventually, CBS took it down. They claimed it was “just a test,” which is a complete lie. They would have expressed that to Loomer when she called, not after lawyers spoke with them. Make no mistake, this was a direct attack.

On the night of the election, Floridians in the district were consumed with worry. Every attack on Laura as a candidate, was an attack on them as voters participating in our democracy. In anticipation of the results, a sense of fear loomed in the air. No one knew how the election would go or if the results would be tampered with. However, with all the mainstream media’s might against her, despite being a candidate with little to no social media presence, limited in her ability to raise funds by big tech, and a total onslaught against her character by the media, Laura Loomer and her supporters pulled out the

upset and won! The American people are fed up with a status quo that’s molded by politicians, biased media, and Silicon Valley.

Donald J. Trump, Laura isn’t running for approval by the media or big tech, she’s running for no one except her constituents. At her election night party, she was surrounded by all those that believe in her. Her constituents who were in the general area and “Laura Loomers army,” in her VIP section. She had everyone from Roger Stone to CJ Pearson, to Gavin McInnes, and not to mention her main speaker, the controversial Milo Yiannopoulos. Her self-proclaimed army has been by her side for years. They were filled with tears of joy when the election results were announced. “Now, the real work begins,” proclaimed her supporters and friends.

After a much-deserved celebration President Trump tweeted and wished her good luck. With his backing Laura has been subjected to even more bullying and harassment. The left and the media have turned up the heat and are out in full force to slander her character to ensure the Democratic candidate a win. “Lazy,” Lois Frankel, as West Palm Beach residents call her, is the Democrats’ nominee. Frankel has yet to hold any function. Her constituents joke about ever being able to see her because she is always somewhere else rather than in her own district. Left-wing groups like J-Street have started their hackneyed attacks of calling Loomer islamophobic. This is false and lazy rhetoric. It’s a prime example of media twisting another republican’s words to demonize and tar them in the arena of public opinion.

The charge of Islamophobia largely stems from a 2018 incident. Laura was in an Uber with a friend when the driver, who was Muslim, found out that they were Jewish. The driver forced them out of the car and verbally harassed them. Immediately after Laura took to twitter to describe the harrowing experience. She expressed that she didn’t want Muslim Uber drivers who hate Jews to drive with Uber. Loomer has also called out members of congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, for their antisemitic, anti-American rhetoric. Again, she was labeled an Islamophobe.

The antisemitic left has adopted a new tactic of silencing concerned Jewish voices by depicting their concerns as Islamophobic. It cannot be Islamophobic to call out antisemitism when a Muslim says hateful tropes that have been repeated throughout the ages and have led to pogroms and mass atrocities. This is just one aspect, among many, of the new normalization of modern Jew hate. The moral imperative is not on protecting the ones being attacked (Jews), but on protecting the attackers because they happen to be Muslim. These are peripheral issues that have been used to take down Laura Loomer, and they have worked, but not well enough. Laura Loomer continues to fight and stay strong. She is fighting for the people; she is fighting for America and she will never give up. She is the new Republican candidate and nothing will stop her.

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