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Lara Trump Elected RNC Co-Chair, Putting GOP In Prime Position For November’s Election

The RNC unanimously elected Lara Trump to be its Co-Chair on Friday. Lara Trump’s victory comes less than eight months before November’s election. The Obama staffers running the Biden White House made clear in Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech that they intend to implement policy ushering in one-party rule if Democrats win in November, making 2024’s election the most important in American history. Leading up to her election, Lara Trump proved her fundraising skills and ability to connect with the GOP grassroots are far superior to past RNC leadership. This puts Republicans in a strong position heading into November’s election.

Following her victory, Lara Trump gave a powerful acceptance speech, saying, “This isn’t just about right versus left, Republican versus Democrat. It’s about good versus evil.”

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