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Hypocrisy at Its Finest as J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin Pledges to Propose Legislation Removing President Trump from the Ballot

6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin appeared on CNN right after the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that President Trump can remain on the ballot. During his CNN appearance, Raskin stated that in the wake of SCOTUS’ ruling, he and Eric Swalwell would introduce legislation in Congress to kick Trump off the ballot. Raskin’s pledge is quite hypocritical as the J6 Committee consistently lectured the American public on the importance of democracy. Raskin’s pledge should come as no surprise, as he recently said Loomer Unleashed needed “deprogramming” after we asked him why the J6 Committee deleted their communications with Fani Willis. Raskin proves that those on the left only crave power, and they are willing to sacrifice any policy necessary to achieve their ultimate goal of acquiring more power. For Democrats, the ends justify the means.

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