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Rush Limbaugh’s producer endorsed #LauraLoomerForCongress!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019


Laura Loomer Fan Club on instagram - Bo Snerdley is endorsing Laura Loomer For Congress!

From last night!!

BREAKING: Tonight in Florida, Rush Limbaugh’s producer endorsed #LauraLoomerForCongress! Rush Limbaugh and Bo Snerdley will be voting for Laura Loomer on Election Day as they reside in her district. #LauraLoomer #Florida @realdonaldtrump Donate today at

Laura shared the fan clubs Instagram post on her telegram acct.

The Instagram comments we received are beautiful, here are just a few.

If you haven't looked at Laura's campaign page find it here.

Make the Marxist Control Freaks sorry they tried to cut up on 'The Switch"

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