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Biden’s State of The Union Speech Lays Out Obama’s Framework to Transform America

Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech laid out Obama’s framework to fundamentally transform America and install one-party rule. In his remarks, Biden falsely called President Trump and his supporters “threats to democracy,” threatened Supreme Court Justices, endorsed legislation that would rig elections, and called for massive gun confiscation. Powerful New York House Democrat Jerry Nadler informed Loomer Unleashed that he endorses J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin’s plans to propose legislation to kick Trump off the ballot. The Left is not hiding their intentions of taking total power if they win in November. This fact proves President Trump is right on two fronts. First, Obama and his people are running the Biden White House. Second, November’s election is the most important in American history.

by Charles Downs | Mar 8, 2024 | General News |

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