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New "Loomers Law" Legislation Inspired By Laura Loomer 'The Most Banned Women In The World'

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


State Senator Joe Gruters invited Florida congressional candidate #LauraLoomer (who is also the founder of the #StopTheBias movement) who’s been banned from most social media sites to speak alongside him at the Florida State Capitol as he rolled out a new bill he says fights social media censorship. @joegruters is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. #StopTheBias #LauraLoomerForCongress #LoomersLaw. The act allows both liberal and conservative citizens to share their religious and political views, by holding the major social media websites to a higher standard of care through carving out a special cause of action. The act allows the victim to seek statutory damages of $75,000.”

#LauraLoomer speaking at the #Florida state Capitol with @joegruters about SB 1266 which would allow for Floridians to sue big tech social media companies for bans related to political or religious speech. #StopTheBias #LauraLoomerForCongress

Laura Loomer might very well be the woman who breaks up big tech. She refuses to be silenced. #StopTheBias. #LauraLoomer

Check out the article Laura penned on

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