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Never Trumper Syndicate Hosts Event at RNC Convention

The RNC Convention in Milwaukee, WI already has Never Trumper Reince Priebus chairing the Host Committee along with many of the delegates being of the same ilk and now there's another troubling issue to report.

I've learned of 'Principles First at the GOP Convention' event scheduled on July 17 at 5pm. Principles First founded in 2019 by Heath Mayo claims to be a nationwide group of center-right conservatives, but the problem is their founder Heath Mayo, who's X post is above, is a huge Never Trumper along with their speakers at past events. Mayo is a Yale Law School and Brown University graduate. Heath is a corporate associate at the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and previously was a manager at Bain & Company.

Mayo's group hosted an anti-CPAC conference in Feb 2024 in Washington, DC that included Never Trumpers George Conway, Brad Raffensperger and Adam Kinzinger. In an Feb 22, 2024 interview with NPR leading up to the Principles First summit Heath Mayo stated, "I think for me, Donald Trump represents an existential threat not just to the Republican Party, but to the constitutional principles that shape our country. So I personally would be voting for Biden."

Heath Mayo has a definite history of being anti-Trump as evidenced in his Substack article from Jan 24, 2019 titled, "13 Ways Trump Isn't a Conservative". Mayo states, "Put simply, Trump is not conservative..... So — if you consider yourself a conservative, but you’re wearing a red MAGA hat cheering the president’s every move, please look in the mirror. Ask yourself if Trump really passes the conservative sniff test. Then, snap out of it, throw the hat away, and let’s get back to our principles."

The organization's founder is hardcore anti-Trump, openly states he'll be voting for Biden and in March said he's "no longer a Republican" yet the group claims they're a conservative Republican entity all about principles, ethics and integrity. Nowhere do their principles include MAGA. News flash, we aren't going to let Principles First take us back to the 2016 Romney/Ryan establishment GOP, this is Trump's Republican Party now!

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