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Meeting Laura Loomer - Merry Christmas !


Here is a picture from the first time I met Laura. The first thing that struck me is that she's tall. For some reason watching Laura's videos I came away with the idea she was short. Wrong.

Star Struck and Speechless: Laura and I were friends for some time via phone, text, DM, face-time, all the electronic means we are used to today. I've met many of our other "stars" like Michelle Malkin a few times, I've hung around with her a little, drank a cup of coffee, we've chatted. I've met Anne Coulter, Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, my point is I've met some people in my day. I met Andrew Breitbart.

When you meet 'famous' people it's different. You know what I mean. It's different levels of different too.

Are you following me?

Laura sent me a text, "tell everyone I'll be there in about 20 minutes." _We were at an air BNB the night before our protest in front of twitter. #48Dark #DemandFreeSpeech February 20, 2019

Laura was going to be here at the air-bnb to help us with the planning. I was excited. I let everyone know Laura was 20 minutes out. "Laura just texted me and wants me to let you all know she's about 20 minutes out." You always want to be the 'one' Laura texts ;)

Everybody started getting excited, you could feel it. It's was the first time meeting Laura for almost everyone there.

Adrienna couldn't sit still! So much fun.

We had a very big air-bnb, there was a large living room as you walked in the front door with a huge L shaped sectional, then the dining room table that sat like 12 people and another sitting area behind that. It was big. We had about 10 - 15 people there. Everybody was sitting at the table, I was sitting in the back sitting area.

We heard people talking coming up the stairs outside, Adrienna opens the door, Laura walks in with her camera crew and my jaw drops.

Laura Loomer has a star power that I've never seen or felt before.

I was literally speechless, Laura made the rounds saying 'hi' in the air-bnb, working her way to the back of the room she looks at me and says 'Hi"

Laura will confirm I said something like "you are gorgeous, I literally can't talk right now." "wow"

I'm serious. Just blown away. I was speechless. This woman has 'it'

Marni had told me Laura is a goddess; she was right. Marni also told me Laura is a sweet heart, which I knew from our friendship, just not in person. Laura is a sweetheart. Laura made me feel so comfortable by just being so cool and real.

Laura is also a tough cookie. So it was time to get to work finalizing our plans for the rally the next morning at 8 am in front of twitter. Laura sat down at the table, Adrienna sits next to her, I sat directly across from Laura. This was the time when Chase Bank shut down Laura's on-line bank account and cards. As she was taking the cab over to the air bnb because she is banned from Uber and Lyft _is when she found out her cards were turned off.

I sat directly across the dining room table from Laura looking her straight in the eye for what felt like 2 hours; she didn't blink, I didn't either.

The next morning we all met at twitter. #StopTheBias

Here is the video from that protest. #48Dark #DemandFreeSpeech #StopTheBias

I realized Laura was a fashion icon. Laura sets style. At the NY twitter protest Laura had this really cool winter jacket that fit her personality perfectly, cool pants that the women were commenting on and really cool gloves that were warm and stylish. Most importantly a cool warm winter hat. She looked so good. Perfect.

Laura Loomer Fashion Icon.

Before I forget, did you know Laura has her own t shirt line labeled 'Fruit Of The Loomer' (side note Laura is a marketing genius)

Now let's just enjoy some #LoomerFashion

The devil is in the details. 📸🧥

Watch Laura walk out on stage at #AMPfest19 where she was a headline speaker (fast forward to about the 10 minute mark) where her intro video ends.

We could go on and on with #LauraLoomerFashion pictures, for now we say thank you for supporting Laura, the @LoomerFanClub and President Donald J Trump. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In case you missed it: Here is an article we did December 10, 2019 when the #LauraLoomerFanClub turned 1

Support Laura by purchasing #TheSwitch fan-fiction novel featuring Laura Loomer. As part of the profits go directly to Laura. #HappyHanukkah #MerryChristmas #HappyNewYear

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