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Debbie Alrdich Interviews Laura Loomer "Christmas Surprise, Happy Hanukkah Surprise"

Updated: Dec 28, 2019


December 26, 2019:

Debbie Aldrich and Laura Loomer explosive interview. #LOOMERED

Laura updates us with NEW DEVELOPMENTS

Laura Loomer Congressional Candidate In Florida's Twenty First District. LIVE on The Debbie Aldrich Show

Click here to watch via twitter and make sure you RT and share all over!

Here is the periscope link to watch and share all over!

Laura Loomer Investigative journalist, Congressional Candidate for Florida district 21. Donate to campaign at

Go to Laura's Campaign site and sign up for her emails and donate today! Laura's next Campaign fundraising report ends 12/31/19 ! Let's DONATE today to blow her report out of the water and SHOW the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS we have Laura's back! GO LAURA!

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