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Congressional candidate #LauraLoomer attended the @israeliamerican council conference in Florida

Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Congressional candidate #LauraLoomer attended the @israeliamerican council conference in Florida today where President Donald Trump spoke. #LauraLoomerForCongress #MAGA #ISRAEL #KAG @realdonaldtrump

Laura Loomer is the most banned women in the world. Loomer just marked her 1 year anniversary of being banned off of twitter. Followers, friends, & family are all donating and encouraging Laura as she campaigns hard in Florida's 21st Congressional District.

Laura just released her first showing of campaign gear. #Loomer is an old pro at gear, she's been designing t-shirts a long time. T-spring even banned her from selling on their site. Laura has her own brand now; printed on the inside of the collar. Fruit Of The Loomer. It's true.

Laura's art/shirt designs impact history. Laura Loomer is a disrupt-er. A disrupt-er of the status quo. Laura Loomer is a historic figure. President Trump is also a historic figure. When Laura wins her race for Congress in Florida's 21st Congressional District she will be President Trump and First Lady Melania Trumps Congresswomen. Boom!

Laura and Marni sport the 'Incest Omar - She Married Her Brother' t-shirt in Minnesota.

Watch this video of Laura's speech. Wearing the Incest Omar t-shirt. The back of the t-shirt is printed with 'NoSharia' with blood graphic dripping from the lettering.

When Laura was escorted out of the congressional hearing for calling out @Jack Dorsey for lying to Congress she yelled stop the bias! I think that is Laura's most iconic t-shirt. Laura also had #StopTheBias on the back of her iconic jacket she wore when she handcuffed her self to twitter a year ago

Laura Loomer has her own brand of high quality t-shirts with the Fruit Of The Loomer logo printed inside the collar; she has caps too, it's really cool.

Here is a link to Laura's site for gear !

And we leave you with #JEXIT purse Marni said #JEXIT is better than #JEWICIDE or something like that! ;)

Get "The Switch" book - out now! _ featuring Laura Loomer and Hero Dogs cousin or something like that! ;) it's true.

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