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Roger Stone Friends Laura Loomer and Enrique Tarrio Run For Congress

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Is it a coincidence that two long time friends of Roger Stone are running for US Congress?

Two of Stones long time friends Laura Loomer and Enrique Tarrio are both running for congress in Florida. Loomer is running in #FLCD21 and Tarrio in #FLCD27.

The Gateway Pundit writer Jacob Engels writes "Enrique Tarrio, the Chairman of the Proud Boys, has announced that he will be running for congress in Florida’s 27th congressional district in 2020. Tarrio, an Afro-Cuban longtime resident of Miami, called Democrat Donna Shalala a “Hillary Clinton puppet.” Mr. Tarrio’s family fled Fidel Castro’s brutal dictatorship in Communist Cuba decades ago."

Laura Loomers explosive campaign has shot into the news with her fundraising dominance, Loomer out raised her democRAT opponent Lois Frankel and four Republican primary opponents COMBINED with an impressive $154,311.40

and is positioned to meet a fundraising threshold of $250,000.00 that will allow her to meet with the RNC machine. I'm sure Loomers campaign team has started the process of getting those meetings set up.

Good luck to Enrique on his campaign!

Thank you to Roger Stone. #RogerStoneDidNothingWrong

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