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Biden: The Coward In Chief

"As Biden sleeps, Biden's headless Administration continues to fumble the so called "mission" in Afghanistan. Treading water until the hostage situation inevitably begins.The Biden Administration is solely responsible for leaving Americans behind. The blood of 13 U.S. soldiers on his hands. As much as the left would blame Trump. It is abundantly clear that the Trump Administration would have never bungled the evacuation as Biden has.

As the U.S. completes evacuation two days early defensive drone strikes involving questionable level targets were all the BIden Administration could muster. Meanwhile, rescue teams privately funded and courageously manned by veterans rescue those trapped in Biden's hell zone. The week long secret operation dubbed “Pineapple Express” has been carried out by a group of special ops veterans including retired Green Berets and SEAL Team commanders.

Back at Dover Air Force Base Joe Biden continued his role as Corrupter in Chief, clearly signaling that there is someplace he would rather be. After Biden's historic massive foreign policy failure, Hurricane Ida provided Biden with a platform to attempt to pivot into some semblance of responsibility. But he botched that too."

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