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#IAmLoomer is derived from #IAmBreitbart

At #CPAC19 Michelle Malkin in her speech said "It may be a coincidence or maybe it's providential that I am privileged enough to speak  here today on the seven year anniversary of Andrew Breitbarts death, God bless him. He was a disruptor. He was a disruptor among defenders of the status quo. We need more like him." Laura ended up banned from CPAC which resulted in being on Drudge 2 1/2 days with the headline: The Disruptor, Laura Loomer... 

Laura Loomer is a historical figure, a disruptor like Andrew.


Laura Loomer is a disruptor of the status quo.

Twitter bans @LoomerFanClub 

#FreeLoomerFanClub became a hashtag May 1 2019

Think back to the night Laura projected onto @Jacks wall of his mansion in San Francisco

The live stream we broadcast from was @LoomerFanClub via twitter and periscope.  As you can imagine the live stream started going viral with hundreds of people watching and sharing the stream. It didn't take long for @Jack to shut down the stream, then suspend @LoomerFanClub for 12 hours. Which turned into a permanent ban and losing all my other accounts on twitter, 10 years of work stolen. #StopTheBias


We Support And Promote Laura Loomer

Official Laura Loomer Fan Club           Est. 2018

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